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Acknowledging the limitations of conventional serial communication architecture as a hurdle, we at EntryPass invent technology that addresses its setback, the result – the game-changing Active Network System. 
We have implemented the latest state-of-the-art technology from around the world with our extensive research and development findings to present breakthrough systems that fulfill EntryPass 3S prerequisites. These prerequisites; Speed, Scalability and Simplicity –ensures all our current and future products deliver seamless and easy-to-operate convenience. As a result, you will experience effectiveness, speed, personalization and control like never before.


Our systems are carefully engineered and fine-tuned to deliver optimum performance at a speedy rate like never before. With  features like ActivePush card downloading, ActiveTransmit event transmission and Peer-To-Peer Global antipassback, the process is ultimately enhanced some more.
From small single enterprises to large multinational corporations, our systems are able to cater to installation of various needs and sizes. Have an assurance that the cost of ownership is protected as EntryPass’ systems are designed to scale from a single control panel to hundreds and thousands by using a singular hardware and software application platform.
We emphasize on creating products that are exceptionally easy to moderate and simple to use. Wizard-based configuration is a step-by-step tool designed to simplify initial setup processes to quickly boot the system to its operational stage. Most critical actions are executable via a few mouse clicks.



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