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EntryPass is a professional service provider in unified security solutions that specializes in giving end-users absolute control. We have conceived systems that present you with the scalability and speed to determine and reconfigure settings as and when you require.  From choosing your preferred set of integration, to having hassle-free freedom to expand a system’s reach, it is now possible for end-users such as yourself, to be the ultimate decision-maker during critical scenarios.

Our expertise is a result of years of global presence and experience, an in-depth understanding and implementation of innovation, and pioneering breakthrough technology via research and development. 
EntryPass’ systems introduces new levels of convenience; from inventing a single system that could concurrently control and communicate with up to 10 different card formats; to plug and play hardware, software that cater to unlimited expansion and allows easy integration of 3rd party systems (CCTV, visitor management, building automation system) - the possibility is endless.  Our services give you the power of total control, uncompromised - so you won’t ever be tied down by limitations again.

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