Contactless exit Button

Contactless Exit Button, which uses Capacitance Proximity technology instead of infra Red, since Infra Red has a possibility being trigger by the ventilation system close by the door. Contactless Exit Button helps to prevent infectious disease among people.


  • When a moving hand is detected in front of the sensor, the back light will change from blue to green. At the same time, an onboard relay will be triggered by 0.5 second
  • There is a Door Help Open indicator at the lower left hand corner. It can trigger by an output contact from the door controller.



VCC Input Voltage (+12Vdc)  
GND Signal Ground (0 Vdc)  
DHO1 Door Held Open Input Trigger by N/C or N/O dry input or DHO 1 & 2
shot together; or DHO1 pull low and DHO2
Connected to GND.
DHO2 Door Held Open Input
RTE1 Request to Exit Output(dry contact)  
RTE2 Request to Exit Output(dry contact)  


New N-Mini 2




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