GSM Modem


Miniature "Plug And Play" dual band GSM modems can be directly connected to the serial port of a desktop or notebook computer through the RS232 interface. A standard SIM card can be inserted in the integral cardholder within the metal enclosure.
The Modems’ metal casing makes it an appropriate solution for tough applications such as Telemetry, Wireless Local Loop (payphones) or as part of a fleet management system. The small size makes it simple to integrate in a space constraint environment. The modem is supplied with power cable, other accessories available are an antenna (with 1m coax cable), RS232 connecting cable with Telephone interface, DIN Rail mounting adaptor, power supply unit and Data enabled SIM card.
About GPRS: GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services. The user can remain "ON" all the time and the data Communication speed rivals that of a cable modem.


  • GSM and GPRS
  • Voice / Fax / SMS and Data
  • Dual Band 900 / 1800MHz GSM Transmission
  • Full voice call, SMS support
  • Accepts Standard SIM Card
  • Data enabled SIM Cards available
  • Miniature size 88 x 60 x 26mmCan Be Used On Standard GSM Network
  • RS232 Interface
  • AT command set (GSM 07.05 and 07.07)
  • One user programmable input/Output Port
  • GPRS Class B Class 10 (36Kb/s download / 24Kb/s upload)
  • GSM100T: TCP/IP stack available for data and internet


Max Storage Temperature -10°C to +70°C,
Max Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C
Dimensions 88mm x 60mm x 26mm
Weight  100grams 
Power Supply Unit  
Input 110-240Vac, 2 pin IEC connector 
Output 12Vdc +/-5%, 1A, 4 Pin micro-FITTM connector



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