Contactless Safety Solutions

The New Normal calls for new safety measures

In these uncertain times, it's reassuring to see that measures are being taken by establishments to keep everyone safe. Measures like temperature checks, reduced seating, limited entries, etc. These measures, however, do little to prevent us from touching contaminated surfaces. 

Entrypass offers a host of fully-automated contactless solutions, to shift our reliance on touch to touchless for a healthier and safer environment. Because in the New Normal, safety is contactless.

Free Contact-Tracing Application for your Business

MyEntrypass - Contact Tracing Application

Trace and monitor contacts of infected individuals. MyEntrypass is an automated entry registration system for business premises using simple and fast QR-codes. Comply with government requirements, give your visitors a convenient way to register and assist the nationwide effort of stamping out the pandemic.

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Contactless solutions for different needs

Our solutions are all designed to be modular and adaptable, so it's easy for you to choose and pair them up differently to match your needs. Whether you're representing an office building, a shopping mall, or a residence, you will find something that fits your vision for your establishment.

Cloud-based Visitor Management System

With Pre-Registration and Health Declaration.
With this system, your visitors are required to provide details of themselves before arriving, so you could decide if it’s still safe to meet up.

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Social Distancing Alert System

A.I Analytic Surveillance with Social Distancing Alert System.
With this system, you get notified every time a visitor gets too close to another physically, so you could take immediate reparative actions.

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AI Facial Recognition with Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

With Temperature Screening and Mask Detection.
With this system, your visitors are no longer allowed access to your building without first having the right temperature and their face masks on.

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No more pressing buttons or handling out visitor cards. Grant your visitors access to your building with a simple, contactless wave of their favourite accessories.

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Mobile Credential Access

Entry to your building is now safer and easier than ever. Simply pre-authorise your visitors and they could then use their mobile phone as their access card.

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Destination Control System

Up or down, open or close, give your visitors the option to control the lift they’re in with only their phones.

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Contactless Lift Button Solution

No more pressing any lift buttons. Keep your visitors safe with our Contactless Lift Buttons, where hovering over a button is as good as pressing it.

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