CCTV Integration Module

EntryPass Platform1 CCTV Integration Module (CIM) is designed to tackle and enhance the capability of the visual inadequate text-based physical access control system. Leveraging the visual data from CCTV system, it is able to provide verification to all event types - benefiting from its integration visually.

The CIM exhibits a framework of monitoring functionalities that is fully event driven, using real time physical access control event occurred within deployment as event marker (valid card entry, invalid card entry, door forced opened, door left opened and many more) to trigger a series of integrated events that enable the operator to quickly locate the event related data within the CCTV system deployed locally or remotely for visual verification purposes – saving you time, and giving you total control over your next course of action, right there and then.



Drag & Drop Operation Environment
Introducing a new and improved way to access data - a detachable tabbing system that allows you to span the user interface over to multiple monitors; providing better visibility and seamless information flow from various functionalities. With the powerful drag & drop capability, the operator can radically improve the performance and responsiveness for event management in real time.

Hierarchy Device Listing
The CCTV user interface consists of two device tree lists. The first displays the door list configured with an attached CCTV for integration purposes. The second tree list displays the available transmitter and camera integrated into the CIM. Each of the parent node and sub-node in these two device listing are drag-able for quick review of live and archived video playback.

Event View Pane
3 event view panes allow operator to simultaneously work on events.
Event view pane accepts drag & drop event parameters from other functionalities, enabling video-search and playback. Other event information are also accessible via the sub-tabs.
Other features that operator can perform within the event view pane are:-

• View live video
• Playback archived video content
• View snapshot (if any)
• View event information
• Quick save of current played video frame
• Quick save of current played video
• Print image of current played video frame
• Perform PTZ control (if PTZ camera is configured)

Automated Pop-Up Video Stripe
The video stripe allows you to automatically focus and configure events that require immediate attention in a populated environment.
An occurrence of an event will trigger the interlinked video to dock into the stripe in sequential manner, giving you the power to reconfigure as you see fit.

Interactive Floor Plan
Built within the system, the interactive floor plan channels live and archived video.
Video playback of doors can easily be enabled via the convenient Interactive icon shortcut key.

Take-A-Glance Live Video Playback
This feature enables you to accurately retrieve interlinked camera feed instantly with just a move of the mouse.

PTZ Control
Our CIM allows you to have mouse movement control over a PTZ camera. Sophisticated pan, tilt and zoom can easily be performed with ease.Preset movement can also be set, hassle-free.

Transaction Searching
Various filters like date, time, card holder, card number, door and transaction types has been made available, allowing you to quickly find the event whenever you wish.


Hardware Description
Processor Pentium intel core i7 3.4GHz
Hard Disk Space 2TB
Memory RAM 4GB DDR3/1333(min)
Operating System Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Workstation
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2003 Standard Server
Windows 2003 Advanced Server
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows 7
Optimum Screen Resolution 1920 X 1080
Graphic adapter 1GB DDR5 256bit DC VGA
Media Device 22X DVD+/-RW
Network Device 10/100 Base T Network Adapter
Optional Peripherals A sound card to play alerts when an alarm  event occurred
A printer to print reports


System Diagram

New N-Mini 2




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