Transit Reader & Tag

TRANSIT: Maximize perimeter security with accurate vehicle and driver identification

The TRANSIT platform operates at 2,45 GHz frequency and uses so called semi-active transponders with batteries. The technology has proven itself in numerous high end applications worldwide. Millions of taxis, buses, ambulances, trucks and other vehicles are identified on a daily basis using this Nedap technology.What makes the system truly unique is our ‘Booster’ technology. Our Booster 2G is a smart combination of transponder and card reader. It reads normal access control cards (Legic, HID, MIFARE, etc) and sends the driver information and the vehicle information to the reader and from there on to the access control system. It enables authorization of both the vehicle and the driver.

Long range vehicle
identification reader

Door access and long read range applications

Long range vehicle and driver identification

Compact driver
identification tag

Long range vehicle
identification tag

Long range vehicle
identification tag

Vehicle identification tag
with user activation

New N-Mini 2




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