Transit Ultimate

The TRANSIT Ultimate is the robust long-range reader, based on semi active RFID technology, which enables automatic vehicle identification at distances of up to 10 m (33 ft) and speeds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph).
This high-end reader is designed to perform well in high security applications, demanding vehicular access control applications and under harsh environmental conditions. The TRANSIT Ultimate offers the highest level of security and con- venience for both vehicles and drivers. The built-in antenna, an integrated read range adjustment board and a variety of communication interfaces to ensure seamless and flexible integration. The identification lobe of the reader is a directed beam, offering precise determination of the detection area.
A second RFID communication channel is used for advanced bidirectional communication and secure tag authentication.

  • • Robust industrial design
    • Read range of up to 10 meters [33 ft]
    • Object speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph]
    • Well defined adjustable read range
    • Multi-channel selection
    • Variety of integrated communication interfaces
    • 3 color LED indication
    • Tag authentication based on AES Encryption
    • Bi-directional communication using two RFID channels
    • Supports backward-compatibility mode with previous TRANSIT readers

TRANSIT backwards compatibility

The new TRANSIT Ultimate reader is fully backwards compatible with existing TRANSIT transponders and readers in existing installations. While in backwards compatibility mode, the TRANSIT Ultimate will read all available TRANSIT transponders, including the old Standard and new Ultimate transponders.
Channel selection
The TRANSIT Ultimate operates on a factory-set frequency. The frequency channel selection allows multiple readers to operate in close vicinity of each other without interference.
Read range adjustment
The reader efficiently resolves typical multi-lane, entry and exit reader challenges. The read range of the TRANSIT Ulti- mate can be adjusted to offer secure and reliable identification in demanding applications
Housing & mounting
The weatherproof TRANSIT Ultimate reader features an IP66 certified housing. The reader continues to operate reliable under harsh environmental conditions and is able to with¬stand exposure to rain, snow and ice. Wall mounting equipment is included.



330x274x140 mm 13x10.8x5,5 inch


5 kg [11 pounds]


Cover ABS, Housing Die-casting ADC12



Detection range

Up to 10 meters [33 ft], message acceptance ratio > 80%

Operating temperature

-30… +60°C [-22… +140°F]

Object speed

Up to 200 km/h [124 mph] at appropriate distance

Power supply

100-240 VAC (60 - 50 Hz) or 24 VDC (±10%)

Power consumption

<25VA (on AC), <20 Watt (on DC)

Operating frequency

2.438 – 2.457 GHz, 433.62 & 434.22 MHz (RX-Cat 3) Ton <5sec.

Frequency channels 2.45 GHz

32 channels, spacing 600 kHz to avoid interference, to be used when TRANSIT 

Ultmate readers are installed in close vicinity of each other

Air interface 2.45 GHz

Nedap proprietary encryption standard 1.875 kbps

Air interface 433 MHz

Encryption based upon diversified AES128; 300kbps/ GFSK 75 kHz; Duty cycle < 

1%; LBT not applicable 


Circular (LHC) (2450 MHz) integrated antenna; Horizontal (433 MHz); dedicated 


Relay output

1 relay output (NO, common, NC), 24 VDC 2A, 120 VAC 1A


3 dry contacts or TTL


Range check beeper


Barcode 39, Wiegand 26-bit, Wiegand 32-bit, Wiegand 37-bit, FF56 and

Omron ISO 7811/2, USB

Antenna input

Optional 1 external inductive antenna connection 120 kHz

Antenna output

Nedap external reader antenna connection 120 kHz output


USB, Wiegand, Magstripe, Barcode.

Available interface boards: RS232 (default), RS422, RS485, TCP/IP, Profibus-DP

Communication protocols

CR/LF, DC2/DC4 and various OEM protocols 

(for more information refer to the firmware manuals)


Wall mounting set included

Option Pole Mounting Kit (5626595) and is available



EMC directive EC: 2014/ 30/ EC; 2004/ 108/ EC; EN301489-1,-30,-17; EN6100-6-2;



EN 60950, UL 60950, UL 50


New N-Mini 2




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