Window Button


The Window Button is a long range single ID vehicle tag used for vehicle identification / access applications. This tag is designed to complement the interior of a passenger vehicle. 
The Window Button will be identified from over 10 meters [33 feet] by the TRANSIT Standard or Edge reader as soon as it enters the reading zone. 
The TRANSIT Entry can also identify the Window Button from distances up to 4 meters [12 feet].


  • Long range single ID tag
  • Identification up to 10 meters [33 ft]
  • Suits interior of a passenger vehicle
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy windshield mounting with suction pad
  • Automatic transmission of vehicle ID


 Operating frequency: 

 2.45 GHz and 120 kHz


 Ø 76 mm [2.9 in]

 Detection range:

 10 meters [33 ft] with TRANSIT Standard or Edge reader  
 4 meters [12 ft] with TRANSIT Entry reader

 Power supply:

 Built-in lithium battery with expected lifetime of 10 years


 Read/only decimal number

 Part number:

 9882650 Window Button R/O


New N-Mini 2




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