UHF Reader & Tag

uPASS: Cost-effective solution for convenient access to parking related facilities

Our uPASS product line consists of readers that use UHF frequency (appr. 900 MHz). Tags come in different shapes, including convenient windshield sticker tags. Our readers are conforming to the EPC Gen II standard, including the latest second version that includes tag authentication.UHF readers and tags are a great option for all projects that rely on the EPC standard and that have a limited budget for tags. uPASS Reach is designed for vehicle access to commercial car parks and residential areas, such as gated communities and condominiums.

Long-Range UHF RFID reader

Long-Range UHF RFID reader

Long range UHF parking
and building access reader

small hands-free
access reader

Long range vehicle
identification tag

ISO card with UHF and
Proximity or Smartcard

Long range vehicle
identification UHF tag

Long range vehicle
and driver identification

New N-Mini 2




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