UHF Combi Card


The UHF ISO combi card is a card featured with long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology. It enables the use of one card for both vehicle and building access applications. Clients can now use a single credential for access throughout the facility, from the car park to their office door.
The UHF tags offers cost effective long range vehicle access for parking applications. 
Designing the system to require that the UHF combi-card is also used for building access ensures removal of the card from the vehicle.


  • Thin, ISO card format
  • Identification up to 3 meters [9 ft]
  • One card solution for access control
  • Battery free
  • Security protected


 Operating frequency:


 UHF 850 - 950 MHz (UHF ISO card)
 UHF 850 - 950 MHz & 13.56 MHz (Mifare / Legic)
 UHF 850 - 950 MHZ & 125 kHz (EM)


 85 x 54 x 0.95 mm [3.4 x 2.2 <0.04 in]

 Detection range UHF:

Up to 3 m [9 ft] with uPASS Reach reader when
properly alligned  

 Detection range access card:  

 Few cm, depending on applied reader and
card technology


 Customised printing on request.

 Part number:


 9943943 UHF ISO Card
 9942343 Combi card UHF - Mifare 1K
 9206388 Combi card UHF - Mifare DESfire 4K
 9943960 Combi card UHF -  Legic Advant
 9942360 Combi card UHF - EM4102
 9954082 Combi card UHF - HID Prox Wiegand 26
 9954104 Combi card UHF- HID Prox 
 9954112 Combi card UHF - HID iClass 2K Wiegand 26
 9959343 Combi card UHF - HID iClass 2K


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