uPASS Access


uPASS Access is a groundbreaking UHF reader for hands-free building access.
uPASS Access reads access badges at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 feet) and is the perfect solution for doors that require convenience and security. 
This ultra small reader fits on doorposts in any interior and is easy to integrate with any type of security system.


  • Consistent reading up to 2m [6 ft]
  • Operates with passive UHF cards
  • EPC Gen 2 compatible
  • Patented antenna technology
  • Small slim line -doorpost sized- design
  • IP65 rated housing
  • Support industry communication standards
  • Combi with latest card technologies


Operating frequency:  


 Region 1: 865-868 MHz  
 Region 2&3: 902 – 928 MHz


 150 x 50 x 40 mm [5.9 x 1.9 x 1.5 in] 

 Detection range: 

 Up to 2 meters [6 ft] with passive Nedap
 UHF cards or Nedap UHF Combi cards 


 RS485 and USB2 service interface 


 Wiegand, clock data, magstripe
 (depending on programmed tag format)

 Part nr:


 9958240 UPASS Access dark grey region 1
 *available for ordering from 1st of October 2012

 9206663 UPASS Access dark grey region 2 & 3
 *available for ordering from 1st of November 2012   


New N-Mini 2




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