uPASS Reach


The uPASS Reach offers long range vehicle identification up to 4 meters [12 ft] using the latest UHF technology. Based on battery-free, passive technology, the uPASS Reach reader offers a cost effective and enduring solution for parking access. 
The uPASS Reach reader is designed for parking access in residential and commercial applications such as: gated communities, condominiums, car parks and employee parking.


  • Consistent reading up to 4m [12ft]
  • Operates with passive UHF tags
  • EPC Gen2 compatible
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-site adjustable reading
  • Elegant slim design
  • LED and audible read indication
  • Weatherproof protected housing


Operating frequency:  

 865 -955 MHz


 7.9 x 8.7 x 1.8 in [200 x 220 x 45 mm]  

 Detection range: 

 Up to 4 meters [12ft]


 RS232, RS422 and USB


 Wiegand and Magstripe ISO 7811/2

 Part nr:

 9942319 uPass Reach (region 1)
 9945466 uPass Reach (region 2&3)



New N-Mini 2




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